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One off the wrist is a saying in England that refers to Masturbation. It was often used when I worked in a small electrical shop to describe awkward customers. I have recently come across several companies who cannot even be bothered to reply to messages and by using excessive security measures, have made it very difficult to contact them via email. These are not small companies and the worst for me was one that provides pensions in the UK. All I wanted to do was cash in an old pension plan that I had only paid for several months in the 1990s before cancelling it. After many messages and complaints sent to them via their website, I finally got paid out around 6 months after my first application. It didn’t stop there out of the 3 grand owed to me the taxman also had around 500 quid which took about a year to get back. After that I decided to dedicate my UK website to them and other companies like them of which there are many. Try calling a large company and you will come across the problem. As there is no longer an email address to submit any queries, I have been forced to try and contact them by telephone. One of them had me on hold for nearly 2 hours expecting me to listen to the crap musak. All I wanted to do was cancel my account but it was made very difficult, perhaps on purpose.

Not Responding to messages

It almost seems fashionable these days to not answer emails and other messages. Instead companies and even some individuals use excuses  like their staff are all working from home.

 A Right Wankers Outfit

Another saying to describe firms like the ones mentioned above is to call them a Right Wankers Outfit. All said in the best of humour of course.