And the Winner of This Week’s “One Off The Wrist” Award is………

Hold on, Wait for it…….

There were several contenders for this week’s “One off the Wrist” award this week and a couple of companies that I have mentioned before nearly made it for a second or third time. One of them being the one and only TalkTalk who came second this time. Just beating them is another wanker’s outfit called Very who you might not have heard of but they are a mail order firm similar to Argos or Amazon. So congratulations must go to Very for winning this week’s award. I made the mistake of buying a couple of things from them using a discount code that they kept hassling me with to use by the end of the month. I actually ordered a belt, along with some other stuff which, when it arrived, was too short even though I ordered the correct size. Anyway I sent it back for replacement as instructed and they said that they would issue a refund even though I gave them instructions to replace the belt with the correct size on the return slip. I sent them a couple of emails to explain this which were both returned as undelivered. I then looked on Very’s website for a contact form or an email address. It turned out that the only way to contact them was via Social Media so I sent them a message via Facebook Messenger. They were quick to reply with the following message:

Message from Very

As you can imagine, I was not impressed with such a stupid excuse and carried on with the chat.

I got a general message as follows:

Hi Malcolm, We just wanted to update you on your recent return of item(s) purchased on Buy Now Pay Later using promotional code VAAVH. As you know, this order came with a £30.00 credit to your account when you spent £100.00. Unfortunately the minimum order value for this order has now fallen below the required £100.00 so the £30.00 credit will no longer be applied to your account. You can view details within ‘My Account’ by clicking on the ‘Recent Transactions’ tab. Kind regards, The Very Team

The operator then changed to someone with a different name with no introduction:


Hey Malcom, can you please send us a screenshot of your order confirmation email ( of the original order where the discount code was applied ). You would be charged for a new order as there is no way for us to change the price of the item before check out. Can you also confirm if the new belt has been now delivered? Thanks Kornelia

What I had failed to notice was written just before the last paragraph of the original email:

Very crafty and I did not notice that statement or see it anywhere else on their website when placing the original order. Here is the latest message from Very which I received this morning.

Hi Malcolm, I’m really sorry for any confusion caused. We would take the 30.00 credit back and reverse it, however if you placed a new order for the item again, once it was delivered successfully we should be able to reapply it on our side manually. Thanks, Michael.

As you can see they are very good at apologizing. In fact I also got one yesterday from the other one. Still doesn’t change the fact that the sizing on their website is inaccurate and needs to be updated. For that reason, I will not be using them again and will leave a suitable review for them at Trustpilot and give them my “One Off The Wrist” award for this week. Incidentally the other contenders were My landlord for increasing the rent on my house but he seems like a nice bloke so I’ll let him off. Also Maximus for sending appointment reminders too late which I have complained about before and have now got used to. Last but not least, TalkTalk as already mentioned who wanted to charge me 40 quid for a missed engineer’s visit who never even turned up. Hopefully that has now been sorted out and I will refrain from mentioning them again unless they really piss me off.

So what happened to the video at 6forafiver?

As you probably realized, I have been a bit preoccupied with wankers this week and have not had time to record the About Us video for 6forafiver as stated in my last post. However I have downloaded software to do this on my PC at home and will attempt to get it finished before the end of this week. Etsy seems to be good and I have already sold some stuff via my shop on there. I also listed a couple of things on Ebay for which I got bids for on the same day. I’m still not rich, but at least it’s a start. Don’t forget to like and share this post on Social Media if you think it might be useful to any of your friends. See you on the next one.

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