Lack of Communication

One of the things that pisses me off most of all is lack of communication. Especially from large companies. I realise that the bigger the firm, the more spam and general emails they will receive but that is still no excuse for not replying with a simple acknowledgement even if it is an automated one. If not they should have sufficient staff to deal with the enquiries. I could name many firms that are guilty of not responding to messages but I think that has been covered in previous posts at this blog. Lets just say there are a lot and I don’t have time to name them all. In any case it seems fashionable to not respond. It’s very easy to ignore messages and to reply (or not) at sometime in the future. It seems the longer they leave it, the less important it becomes so I am trying my best to deal with it and not get too worried about them. Recently I have not been switching my mobile phone on sometimes, due to the incessant phone calls and sms messages that I receive almost daily. I know they are all after a bit of commission but “Why the hell can’t they just leave people alone to decide what they spend their money on?” “No! I dont want any kind of insurance unless I specifically ask for it.”

Is there a Hugh Jarse in the room?

On the rare occasion that I fill in forms online, I normally enter my real phone number and email address but use a joke name like “Hugh Jarse” or “Tess Tickle” (“Mike Hunt” is also one of my favorites). That way I know where they got my details from and even though most firms state that they never share personal information, many of them still do. Still good entertainment for me when somebody calls and asks for Hugh or Tess. It’s a bit like sending apprentices out to get a long wait or to buy some elbow grease. I have in the past been asked for these things and was always a laugh to participate.

Lastest Adventures.

Photo of an old fire engine at The National Emergency Museum
The National Emergency Services Museum, Sheffield

There isn’t a great deal to report on this week but as I know you are all hungry for more, I’ll try. I have recently been booked onto a digital marketing virtual interview on Tuesday so will see how that goes. I’ve also been roped into another visit to the National Emergency Services Museum, and also of course had to go into the Indie Arcade on the way back. This time we returned with a torch from the museum shop and no less than 3 dvd’s from the secondhand shop. At least we have something to watch this week. On Monday I’m back slaving away over the computer and will use the time to do a bit more with updating my websites. I have still heard nothing from anyone via Upwork and wondering why people even bother to use it. So far all I have come across is several scammers and hoping my luck will change shortly.

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