Creaming money off the Government?

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On Monday, I attended my Restart appointment, as arranged and sent several emails containing my latest qualifications, links to websites etc. which they had asked for. It has now been a week since then and I have not received any kind of reply or communication from them. Initially, I was quite impressed with their professionalism after the first meeting. I actually met someone who seemed to know what they were talking about and could possibly help me with my future plans. However, as I suspected, they are probably just like the rest who think it’s OK to cream money off the DWP for getting as many victims as they can for a crap politician’s scheme. All the scheme does is create low figures of unemployment statistics for the Government to show off before the next election. I have seen claims of firms reccommended by DWP receiving around 3k for each victim they sign up. There are also many scathing reviews online about this sheme which I have been told are not important.

Unfortunately, I am starting to believe the reviews and just hope that I will not need to add to them in the future.

Freelance Work. The key to the future?

On a brighter note, I have been busy applying for freelance work at Upwork and added a couple of ad links on this blog for my own websites. You can see these on the right of this page or below if you are using a mobile device. I’ve still heard nothing from anyone on Upwork but think that it’s early days and I’m getting the hang of it. That platform seems to be full of wankers too who cannot even bother to reply to a simple email.

Get your own Website.

Moving along I will continue to improve my websites and accept any freelance work that comes my way. Don’t forget that if you need a website of your own, for any reason, I’m your man and can build almost anything that you want. Just send me a message at Talanda or leave a comment below. Also I would appreciate it if you could share this blog or at least one of my websites on your social media account. Every little helps as they say so get sharing. Ok that’s my little rant over for this time and hope to share some better topics in future. Below are just 2 of the places that I visited this weekend with my son.

The National Emergency Services Museum

First of all we went for the second time to The National Emergency Services Museum. A great place to visit even if you are not really into museums. Inside are some very informative exhibits of, yes you guessed it, The Emergency Services from days gone by. Including old Victorian prison cells and many different emergency vehicles. Sounds a bit dull, I know, but there are many interactive exhibits too which keep the kids busy. Children are encouraged to touch things and not just look at them which, in my opinion, makes other places boring. My son particularly enjoyed the WW1 Exhibition where he could try and lift an old soldier’s kitbag weighing around 30kg. In fact he enjoyed the place so much he wants to go again next weekend.

Photo of The Indie Arcade, Sheffield
The Indie Arcade

After that we had to visit his favorite shop in Sheffield, The Indie arcade. Another must visit if you happen to be in Sheffield and on Scotland Street. They have a great range of secondhand collectible items. I think some of the stock is a bit pricey but that’s probabably because I am so old and grew up with the stuff. In any case they always stock a good range of DVD’s at only 50p each which come in very handy for “movie nights”. Well worth a look if you ever find yourself in the area.

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