A New Start

I had the Restart meeting as I mentioned before and will probably find the scheme very useful in achieving my goals. The scheme is run by “Maximus” and the office in Sheffield was very easy to find. After a little bureaucracy getting in, I met the interviewer who was very helpful indeed. I have participated in similar schemes in the past but this lot seem to know the score.

Time for an Update

My first task was to update my CV. There have been a few changes in my circumstances since I arrived back in the UK and I have now included anything that is relevent on the latest version of my CV. I still want to remain as self-employed and could not envisage taking orders from a boss and not lining my own pockets. I have worked as self employed for over 40 years as a musician, electronics engineer, retailer and restaurant owner.

The Open University

I think it would be hard to change anything now and have thought about doing an open university degree course in web development. Perhaps it is a bit late in life to be considering that as the course is around 6 years and I could retire in 4 years if I want. However it is my intention to carry on working after retirement age as I don’t feel ready for the knackers yard yet. I also want to leave some kind of legacy or even security for my son when he is a bit older when I will be dead. It wont be easy for him to get a job in a few years time and like me, doesn’t follow orders willingly.

Return to Thailand?

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If he decides to return to Thailand, he will have a job there looking after his mum’s resort. However if all goes to shit and he ends up staying in the UK, he will need some kind of income to survive. That’s where the old man comes in useful. As I said before, this time next year, I expect to at least double my income. I don’t expect to be filthy rich but to earn an honest living off my own back without relying on any outside help would be nice. Currently, I am living in a rented house and expect to live more independently in the near future.

A broken iPad and a five knuckle shuffle!

Broken iPad

I know that I said that I would not slag anymore companies off, but here is just one more that I cannot resist. Last weekend I had to book an appointment at my local Apple Store just to get a “technician’s” appraisal on a broken iPad. I have suspicions that it only needs a new battery but during my appointment, I was told that my iPad is too old to repair which they don’t do in any case. Instead they replace the broken item with a new one at a cost of course. As there are no screws present in the case it is all glued together with hot melt glue. It is simply a case of applying heat to the unit in order to get it apart and fit a new battery. Something which I am very capapable of doing myself but do not have the tools available or a good reason to invest in some good quality heat pads. In all fairness, I thought the the Apple “Technician” did a good job and knew what he was talking about. It was just the fact of booking an appointment in order to get absolutely nowhere that pissed me off. I will therefore take the broken iPad to a local repair shop who will probably do the job for around 100 quid.

That’s All Folks!

So thats about all I have to report this time and hope to bring you more exiting news next time. Don’t forget to Like, Share or leave a comment below if you have anything useful to say. See Y’all next time.

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I have been selling fashion accessories since way back in the mid 1970s and began trading as Ringmania in 1995 wth a small market stall in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.
Since then I have created and managed several websites which I hope to feature at this blog. I relocated to Thailand in 2004 and returned to the UK in June 2019. I am Currently Working as a Web Developer based in Sheffield.

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