Greengeeks providing old banners.

Although they normally provide a great service, yet another firm that seems to find that it’s normal practice to provide inaccurate information is Greengeeks. I noticed recently that the banners that I display on this site were quoting the old price of $3.96 where it should really be $2.95.

Greengeeks Web Hosting Old Banner
The Old Greengeeks Banner

If you click on the banner above and go ahead with one of their deals, You will get it at the latest price.

I have asked Greengeeks about this and all they have said is that they have no future plans to update the banners, which are at least 4 years old, so I have just taken a screenshot from their website to replace the old one.

Greengeeks Banner Updated
Now even less at only 2.95 Get yours today.

They have turned out to be a right wanker’s outfit and have earned my nomination for the latest One Off The Wrist award this week.

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