Another One Off The Wrist.

Just when I thought all was back to “normal” again, I had another reason to contact a large company in less than a week. This time it was because my inkjet printer was not working.

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Immediately I thought it was because my router had changed and the printer was not connected to it. Sure enough, I checked the ip address and it was indeed still coupled with the old router. I decided to contact the printer company via live chat from my Mac computer at home. The operator couldn’t help directly so put me on to an engineer who called me by phone about 5 minutes later.


After granting the engineer access to my computer, I was asked what kind of computer it was and what it was mainly used for. When I told him that my son plays games, he immediately told me that was the problem. After a bit of searching around he then told me that my Mac computer had a virus and I needed to buy antivirus software. When quizzed how much it would cost the engineer told me about 90 quid.

The Last Straw

After telling him that I didn’t want to spend any money, he said that was really up to me but I should buy it. I told the engineer that I would fix the problem myself and he asked me if I worked in an IT department. When I politely replied with a “No”, he said goodbye. If IT departments consist of people who are all like him, I wouldn’t want to work in one.

Set up as new printer.

A bit later on I tried to connect the printer again and Hey Presto! It wasn’t too difficult via the printer software already installed on  my tablet. All i had to do was select “Add a Printer” and it all just seemed to work. I printed what I originally intended and today I am back on the Mac. All is working fine now. So just another firm to add to my “One off the Wrist” contenders.

Another One Off the Wrist Part 356

Another One Off the Wrist
Another One Off the Wrist

Speaking of which I just received not one, but 2 identical letters from the local hospital to inform me that I am now able to telephone for my son’s dental appointment. Keep ’em coming so I’m sure to have something to write about in future.

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