Most Pointless exercise of the week

The most pointless exercise of the week award must go to Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and the National Health Service. Last week, I received no less than 3 emails and 3 sms messages from them. All were to confirm that I will now be able to make an appointment at my local hospital by phone.

Why the hell they couldn’t just call me or send an email appointment, I don’t know, it would be a lot easier. A number must be entered on their website, which was sent via a text message. The first one didn’t work which is probably why I got so many messages. I received a second security number via the next sms which worked fine. I then received another email to inform me that I can now book an appointment by telephone.

It’s all a load of Bollocks!

What a load of bollocks! I decided to send them an email to request booking appointments via email and still have not received a reply. That is just typical practice and what I would expect from a struggling organisation. It seems that they can’t even be bothered to respond to a simple email. I therefore sent it to them again with a polite request for an answer.

On Friday, I phoned the number that I was given. I was informed that they still couldn’t book an appointment because the computer system was not working. What a stupid situation! I only want to book an appointment for my son as he has an extra tooth that needs looking at according to his dentist. The woman that I spoke to was very apologetic and agreed to call me back when everything was working again. She also told me that she was unaware of the Facebook page that I also left comments on. I have still got no appointment after several days.

Update to The Most Pointless exercise of the week

The local dental hospital called me on Friday afternoon when I was driving so I didn’t answer. After checking the number when I got home, I called them back and booked an appointment for the end of this month. I wonder why that never happened before.
Shortly afterwards, I had a call from the woman that I had spoken to in the morning to say that all was working ok and I could now book an appointment on the system. I also received a reply to my email with an address that I can use to book an appointment.

So that’s another firm to add to my list of “One off the wrist” dedications. The only positive comment that I can give about this lot is that the staff were very helpful. Considering it is a large organisation, the phone was answered quite swiftly, .

If you would like to nominate any other company with The Most Pointless Exercise of the Week Award, please mention them in the comments below.

Update Number 2 22nd September 2022

Yesterday, I received 2 identical letters to inform me that I can now telephone for an appointment (See the next post “Another One Off The Wrist.”). They certainly know how to waste taxpayer’s money.

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