Happy New Year 5 already

September has come around far too quickly which means the end of school holidays and a new class for my son at school in year 5. It also means that I have more work to be getting on with and fewer camping trips, greyhound racing etc. Instead, apart from writing regular articles for this blog, I will be updating most of my websites in the coming months including this one. You may from time to time see a maintenance page at this and other sites as if I am working on a WordPress site, it is better than not being able to access the site at all. If this happens, please check back again later as there will probably be new material for you to browse.

Problems with Websites and SEO

Affiliate marketing-Original site 2003
Ringmania Screenshot Approx 2003

I have noticed several problems concerning the SEO ( Search Engine Optimisation) of all my websites and will spend the next few weeks correcting a few errors that are probably long overdue. When I originally built the sites, it was a lot easier to rank highly in the major search engines. That was long before Google introduced “page ranking” and became the “search engine of choice” by most people. Building a website was relatively easy in the days before CSS and Javascript became standard. These days, because there is so much competition to get a website on the first page of Google, building a website is a lot more complicated. However with a few tweaks here and there, I should have all my sites sorted out hopefully, by the end of this year.

Get yourself a website totally Free

Free Website at Talanda
Get Your Free Website Today!

If you need a website for your business, club or any other activity, Don’t forget that I can provide that for you with hosting and a name of your choice, totally free. Just visit Talanda for an example of my work and what you can get for your own use, totally free. I will even throw in a few email addresses for you with each package. This offer differs from most similar ones as you do not have to build it yourself. I will do everything on your behalf which means that my time is free too. All I will need from you is a few photos if you have them, a company logo if applicable, a colour scheme and a brief outline of the kind of website that you require.

Why is this offer totally free?

You may well ask, why is this bloke offering his time and services totally free? Is it just another scam? Well, the answer to the last question is a definite NO. I’m doing it because I enjoy what I do and like to help people on their way to success.

I have advertised this service on Facebook and other social media and had very little response. Mostly because my ads were not allowed and go against community standards or maybe because many people think it must be a scam. Of course, I’m not stupid and rarely do anything for nothing so at the end of the first year of hosting, I would like the people who took advantage of my services to buy a package from me or one of my affiliates so that I earn a commission. If they don’t, it’s no problem and they can walk away owing nothing. Hopefully they would’ve learned that either the internet is not for them or that they decide to carry on and buy a package somewhere else. You will even get help with that if required and I can suggest many options.

Why I think that Facebook is Crap!

I stopped using my Facebook profile several months ago due to the fact that I didn’t want to see photos of what random people were having for dinner. The platform is a complete time waster and I only use it for business pages and the odd comment now. I have also been banned from posting on several occasions due to their pathetic community standards as some of my comments may have been too close to reality.

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I have been selling fashion accessories since way back in the mid 1970s and began trading as Ringmania in 1995 wth a small market stall in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.
Since then I have created and managed several websites which I hope to feature at this blog. I relocated to Thailand in 2004 and returned to the UK in June 2019. I am Currently Working as a Web Developer based in Sheffield.

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