August Bank Holiday Weekend

August Bank Holiday Accommodation

After about one and a half hours drive from Sheffield we found our August Bank Holiday weekend accommodation at The Skipworth Arms  near Market Rasen. As close to Mablethorpe as I could comfortably book at short notice, it was not a bad place to stay apart from our noisy neighbours of course. However,  It was quite entertaining watching a family of 6 erect their tent which must’ve taken them a good couple of hours.  Ours was up in around 10 minutes as I am well accustomed to putting tents up.

Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary

Rescued seal at Mablethorpe seal sanctuary
One of the many seals which have been rescued by Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary

After a good night’s  sleep and all set for an early start after breakfast we travelled to my favorite beach at Mablethorpe. After about an hour there we decided to visit the Seal Sanctuary.  There certainly are some exotic species at the place and it was good to see them including the seals and seabirds of course.

Sleeping porcupines at Mablethorpe seal sanctuary
Crested Porcupines at Mablethorpe Seal Sanctuary

The staff there seem to be doing a great job in looking after the animals until they are released back into the wild. After seeing some badly treated animals at Phuket Zoo and The Dairy Hut in Thailand,  it was nice to see animals that are well cared for and not just exploited for money.

Fishing at Skipworth Arms

Large Shellfish at The Skipworth Arms.
I’m not a shellfish expert but I think this is a freshwater Swan Mussel. Correct me if I’m wrong in the comments below.

Before we left the seaside,  I bought my son a net so he could go fishing at our campsite. In fact the place is ideal to get away from it all if you ignore other campers. We got to see the band on Saturday as initially intended. Apparentely only two of The Trents were available The guitarist/singer and drummer did a great job of a few songs but could’ve done with a bass player and backing vocals.

Live entertainment at The Skipworth Arms.
Two of The Trents.

We tried the food as well which was great.  I’m not sure if Lee’s Curries will be a regular feature at the pub but it was certainly good to have during our stay there. As I have now got the camping bug (and a tent), the Y Not festival will virtually be in my back garden and I hope to go camping there next year. I was once a keen festival goer until everything just became too organised so looking forward to it next time.

Stock Car Racing

Stock car racing at Owlerton Stadium, Sheffield
Day 2 of the YorStox trebble at Owlerton Stadium

For a bit of a contrast to the tranquility of the countryside, I took my son to the stock car racing at Owlerton Stadium on Sunday afternoon. Of course, like most kids, especially boys of his age, he loved it and enjoyed the crashes with a couple of fires thrown in. Fortunately nobody was hurt as far as I know and a great afternoon’s entertainment was had by all. Altogether,  it was a perfect way to spend an August Bank Holiday Weekend.

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