Another Night at the Races.

Owlerton Stadium Greyhound Racing August 2022

First Race 18:19


So another night at the races and a trip to the dogs.  I just had to put a quid on that one. My son noticed it first and said it looked like a rude word.  The “L” and the “I” were too close together on the bookie’s screen.  The name actually reminded me of an old market trader I knew in the 1970s. He sold perfume for a while called CLINT. He sold it by covering the bottom of the text and potential customers were shocked into buying a bottle to take home. The dog also had a good shit before the race so it looked very promising indeed. It actually came last in the race,  won easily by the 2nd favorite, number one. So our theory about a dog having a crap before running did not work last night and I lost on the 3rd race too. I don’t think I will try that again but it was fun while it lasted and we still got the free chicken & chips.

Owlerton Stadium Greyhound Racing August 2022
This weekend will be busy. We are back at the seaside. I managed to find a campsite by a pub about an hour away from Mablethorpe as it is a bit short notice especially as it is also a bank holiday weekend. Most campsites near Mablethorpe were fully booked and only ones with few facilities were available. It’s not a major problem as I can drive there if and when required as it will not be too far away from the place that I booked.

Stock Cars

On Sunday afternoon we will be back at Owlerton Stadium for the Superstox event in Sheffield.  It’s my son’s first visit so as it is the last week of the summer school holiday and he loves car racing, I thought we would go.

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