A Daytrip to Mablethorpe Beach

Mablethorpe A place that has everything

Beach Tents at Mablethope Beach

If you are considering a daytrip to Mablethorpe or any other beach this post is for you. I have visited many beaches in the past and I must admit, have been very dissapointed with a lot of them. However, one that stands out and will be forever on my list of best beaches to visit is at Mablethorpe in Lincolnshire on the East coast of England. In my opinion, Mablethorpe has one of the best beaches in the world and really does have something for everyone (apart from coconut trees of course)

In search of the best beach

About 10 years ago I spent 3 months travelling around the UK and Ireland and have seen many beaches on my travels. I have lived on a tropical island paradise for many years and grew up only a few hundred yards from the amazing beach at Great Yarmouth also in the UK. Not one of these places can beat Mablethorpe and there really is something for the whole family there.

Something for Everyone

Mablethorpe is one of the places that I visited around 10 years ago and as I now live in Sheffield, it’s not too far out of the way for a day trip. In fact as part of the school holiday entertainment, I took my 9 year old son there last weekend and we both enjoyed every minute of our time there. Sadly not the 2 hour+ drive to get there. Today, I bought a tent so next time we’ll be able to stay a bit longer. We intend to sample some of the other activities that Mablethorpe has to offer.


Things to do at Mablethorpe Beach

There are many campsites and other accommodation available as well as a funfair. In Mablethorpe itself, there are tons of restaurants serving food from all over the world. Also featured is a mini golf course, paddling pool and boat rides all within close proximity of the beach. Donkey rides on the sand are also available if you want something traditional for the kids. Many lakes are open nearby where you can either stay or have a day fishing.

Not forgetting the seal santuary and wildlife center of course where you can see some exotic species from around the world. Here you can witness some of the wonderful work carried out by the sanctuary staff for seals, seabirds etc. Many have been rescued from the wild and will be released again when they are well enough to survive on their own. The place is certainly worth a look which I intend to do during my next visit. Thinking of a day trip to Mablethorpe?  If you live not too far away the place is certainly worth a look which I intend to do during my next visit. Watch this space and don’t forget to share this post and leave a comment if you have anything useful for other readers of this blog.

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