A Visit to the Local Dog Track

Gone to the Dogs

Owlerton Stadium Track image

I had actually forgotton how much waiting there is involved when attending a race meeting. We managed 3 races before leaving last night after only about 1 hour. However all was not wasted, we came away with a profit of 10p even after paying for the car park which was only a pound/day.

A load of Crap!

Programme and tickets for Greyhound racing

We had decided to back only the dogs that have a crap before the race and the strategy paid off on the 3rd race after number 6 had done it’s business. I must admit I got a bit too enthusiastic on the first race when I saw one of the dogs having a good pee and backed that one with a pound each way with one of the bookies outside. But number 6 in the 3rd race was the real star of the night and instilled a bit of confidence in us for the next meeting that we go to. Only put a pound each way on that one but got a return of £5.10 so I suppose it was worth it.

A good deal!

Free Chicken and Chips with coke at Owlerton Dog Track
Matthew Enjoying the free grub.

All in all it was a successful night which both  my son and I enjoyed, even though the waiting around was boring. (good job it wasn’t cold) The food that we had was good and free every Tuesday in August. So in conclusion,  the night was a successful one and I recommend that everyone should try a visit to the dogs, at least once in their lifetime.  It probably hasn’t changed much in many years but at least it hasn’t been affected too much by the pc brigade and the old characters are still about. We will be returning to the greyhound racing at Owlerton Stadium in a couple of weeks time to try it all again. I would personally recommend the place to anyone who is interested and there are other options available if you prefer. Just take a look  at their website and it’s probably a good idea to book online. The place wasn’t overly busy when we went but booking first made everything go more smoothly. Greyhound racing can be fun. Dont forget to share this post with your friends on social media and leave a comment below if you have anything to add.

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