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Yes! you read that right and I hope it bought a smile to your face if you know what it means and still have a sense of humour. And before those who haven’t, start ranting on about such a slogan being bad for my corporate image or it’s not very professional, read on ’cause I don’t care.

Clearly I have been neglecting my duties as a blogger by the look of things. My last post on this site was over a year ago. However that doesn’t mean that I have been dormant. In fact you couldn’t be any further from the truth. Don’t forget I have a 9 year old son to keep me busy as well as some crazy projects I’ve dreamed up.

Earlier this year I had a wild idea of opening an electrical repair shop in Sheffield. The first opportunity came up just around the corner from where I live but at £22k rent/year it would’ve worked out as too expensive. I decided to look for a less pricey option at less than £12k/year. However it seems that local estate agents are not interested in managing these properties. Perhaps their rewards are only small compared to the larger shops and other commercial units that are available. I looked at several but soon found the agents were not only disinterested but also lied about the availability. At least 2 agents told me that the properties I was enquiring about were already let. 2 months later I enquired about one of the same properties which was still advertised and obviously still available. When I finally got an appointment for a viewing, the agent turned up with the wrong keys and told me there had been a recent break in so new locks had been fitted. Looking back, I think that was just an excuse and I haven’t heard anything from them since, even though I was told that the office would contact me with a new viewing date.

That is now approx 2 months ago and I have really laid that one to rest. Another which I also saw advertised using photos which were at least 3 years old., on among many others was allegedly taken off the rental market as the current temant had decided to stay. I had previously contacted the aformentioned tenant who assured me that the shop would be empty the following month and the agent must’ve been mistaken. This turned out to be a fact and as far as I know the place is still available albeit at a higher price. Another suitable premises managed by a more reputable company came up for rent. However after a few enquiries, the landlord would not accept my suggestion of a short term agreement with a 6 month to 1 year break clause and expected a 5 year contract with a 3 year break clause. I was not willing to commit to that kind of contract and decided to shelve the whole idea of renting a shop in Sheffield.

In the meantime, i have been updating my skills and qualifications as a web developer and even studying an online course from Udemy to get certified. I have also decided to rebuild a few of my websites using my updated skills and trying to keep away from using WordPress. I will keep the platform only for this blog and rebuild all my other websites in future using only a text editor such as notepad or SublimeText.

Please note that the new tagline for RingmaniaUK is purely intentional. If it puts a grin on at least one person’s face, my original intentions will be fullfilled. I don’t care if it might harm my corporate image. There is enough seriousness around especially in business and I would like to lighten the load slightly. Perhaps it’s the musician/old punk rocker in me that causes this but I believe that everyone has a right to be happy and if I can make people laugh while at the same time, earn a living, I am doing as I intended. While on the subject of earning a living, I recently applied for a Start up loan in order to finance the shop idea mentioned above. The application was refused due to the fact that I mentioned Ringmania which has in fact been trading over 3 years. This is apparently against the rules even though I have only been in the UK for 3 years and opened Hairmania as a new business in November 2019. Anyway as I no longer have that crazy shop idea to think about a loan is no longer required. Instead I will concentrate more on freelance work as before and try to build up my portfolio in order to earn more money to buy the things that I need/want.

The whole point of this post is to highlight the current trend of not replying to messages. Not only people who I considered friends but mainly larger companies and government bodies and I dedicate my new slogan to all of them. I signed up as a rep for a Utility company recently and spent 2 hours listening to crap musak just so I could cancel my account. It took 6 months for a well known insurance company to refund an old pension plan and a year for the taxman to refund a small amount of overpaid income tax. So the latest trend seems to go along with the need for coffee on the way to work and walking around with a take away cup from Costa or Starbucks. Makes me laugh everytime I see one. Surely they could wait until they get to work or even make their own at home and drink it before leaving the house. But No! they must think it is necessary to walk around with an expensive cup of coffee. Is it only a status symbol which is intended to impress others or just a stupid habit?

Any thoughts you have on this or indeed anything else would be most welcome, so please leave a comment below.

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I have been selling fashion accessories since the mid 1970s and began trading as Ringmania way back in 1995.
Since then I have created and managed several websites which I hope to feature at this blog. I relocated to Thailand in 2004 and returned to the UK in June 2019.
Currently based in Sheffield.

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