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Share this article with your friends and followers on Twitter.Click To TweetDuring the past few weeks, I have been contributing to Quora and Medium while also building Ringmania’s presence on social media.

In addition to existing accounts like Twitter and Facebook, I have set up some new ones. These include Instagram, Medium and Mix to name but a few.


Many backlinks have also been added to various shopping directories and search engines.

I also opened several new websites on popular platforms like WordPress in order to promote the main website even further.

Anyone interested or involved with SEO will already know the importance of these activities.

So far, I haven’t used many of these accounts to their full potential and  I know there is still much work to do. I thought that I would just write here about my first impressions before I get down to the real business of getting it all working.

As I am always open to suggestions and new ideas, please let me know if you have any info which may be useful. I’ll be updating the details on this page as and when I feel it is needed.

Ringmania on social media

Ringmania’s latest social media accounts and landing pages

Here are a few of Ringmania’s recent additions. It is not a complete list and I’m sure there will be a few more to go on this list in the not too distant future.


I found Quora the most interesting as there are users asking questions on many topics which anyone with an account can respond to. There are certainly a few weird enquiries too which can be entertaining if not informative. My most recent answers to the members questions have mainly been concerned about ring size and why charts are so confusing.

You can see some of my contributions at the Ringmania Quora Profile


I learned about Medium by reading an article by Neil Patel, the online marketing guru. In his blog, Neil recommends Medium as a promotional tool. I’ve signed up and will see what I can do with it.

Here you can find the Ringmania profile at Medium



I opened an account with WordPress mainly because it’s a way of getting a free website. Currently, I am only using it as another link to the main site. However I think it may have more potential and will possibly update it in future. Here is Ringmania at WordPress


Mix has recently replaced Stumbleupon which closed down earlier this year. I have opened an account and will add to that in the near future. In the meantime you can see my most recent posts at Ringmania’s Mix Profile


I had never heard of Strikingly before and randomly came accross the site while searching. It’s a great website builder for mobile friendly, single page websites.  I signed up for an account and it literally took a few minutes to set it all up for Ringmania here.


Instagram has been linked to my Facebook account for several months now but I have rarely used it. Maybe that’s about to change: Ringmania at Instagram

Google +

As I use Google for almost everything including Adsense, Analytics, Search Console seems logical to have an account with Google +. This has been active for several months and you can find Ringmania there too. As Google plus will soon be shut down, I will no longer be updating anything there and will spend more time building up other social media accounts.

Google+ was shut down on April 2, 2019 and is now unavailable.


I joined Pinterest about one year ago and still not sure why. Here you can also find Ringmania


Another mystery! I have absolutely no idea why I joined this but here’s the Ringmania profile at Reddit.


My account at LinkedIn is more of a personal account than one for Ringmania but if you’re interested or just want to spy on me you can follow the LinkedIn account of Malcolm Scott.


A relatively new social media platform which was created by St. Petersburg entrepeneur, R.J. Garbowicz. Webtalk currently has about half a million users and the company believes that it can be the next Facebook. Who knows? Facebook seems to be losing popularity and this could be a good replacement. For the time being I think that it’s worth a try at least so I have opened an account for Ringmania to test it out as another promotional tool.

It’s free to use but still in “invite only mode”. You can view my current profile and join Webtalk here


Another new social media account at Tumblr


Social media and micro blogging platform that I never heard of before now.

Check out the Ringmania profile


Follow my blog with Bloglovin


Here is another blog site at Blogspot which currently redirects to this one.

I think that there are probably a few more social media accounts scattered around the internet. Unfortunately, I have not kept any accurate records on my recent online activity and I may have forgotten one or two. If something jogs my memory, I will certainly add more information here later.

Please take a look at some of the above and if you are a member of any of these platforms yourself, feel free to add or follow Ringmania so you can keep up to date.

Social media is great for some entertainment. It can also be a great tool to acquire more traffic to any website.

I have been selling fashion accessories since the mid 1970s and began trading as Ringmania way back in 1995.
Since then I have created and managed several websites which I hope to feature at this blog. I relocated to Thailand in 2004 and returned to the UK in June 2019.
Currently based in Sheffield.

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