Please help us to raise 2K at Twitter

Calm down, we’re not asking for money, just after a few more followers at Twitter! We only need around 75 new followers to reach the 2000 target by the end of this month.

Twitter screenshot
Ringmania Twitter account August 2018

Join Ringmania at Twitter

We have been a member at Twitter for a few years and to be honest, I have never really taken it seriously. As you can see from the Screenshot above, the account still features hair accessories and the cover photo is a part of my old market stall in England which was taken in 2005. I intend to change the appearance of the page soon but first I would just like to round off the amount of followers to a cool 2000.

The Masterplan

Of course this is all part of my plan to make Ringmania popular again. Nearly 20 years ago, the website was ranking at the top of most popular search engines for the keyword Fashion Jewellery. Admittedly, the online competition was very poor and I must have just stumbled across the right formula.

Nowadays, the competition is much more fierce and to get number one position even for unpopular keywords can be much harder.

How you can help

I would greatly appreciate your help with this and if you already have a Twitter account, all you have to do is tweet this page by clicking on the text Tweet This! whenever you see it. This link will automatically direct you to your own Twitter account in order to tweet a direct link to this blog.

Let’s see if it works

Lastly, I would like to thank you in advance for your participation in my little experiment and let me know if you wish to try it with your own website by leaving a comment below.

Hope to see you all at the top and don’t forget, Tweet This!

If you would like to know more about promoting your business with Twitter check out 10 Case Studies of Companies Using Twitter for Marketing and other posts at


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I have been selling fashion accessories since way back in the mid 1970s and began trading as Ringmania in 1995 wth a small market stall in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.
Since then I have created and managed several websites which I hope to feature at this blog. I relocated to Thailand in 2004 and returned to the UK in June 2019. I am Currently Working as a Web Developer based in Sheffield.

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