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Find out why we use Greengeeks. A great hosting company based in California. Read this article to find out why we recommend their services.

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Greengeeks | Choosing an unbeatable host.

When I first started selling jewellery online with Ringmania, I looked far and wide for a good hosting solution. As my business was based in the UK, naturally my preference at the time was to use a UK company to host my domain. I was overwhelmed by the number of choices and read extensively on the subject before finally settling for a London based company using a server in the Netherlands.

The first choice

It wasn’t the cheapest and by today’s standards, would be deemed as extortionate. However, as I was still a newcomer to online trading, I was unaware of many factors in choosing such a service and stayed with the same company for several years.

Don’t accept poor quality service

Initially, I noticed that if there was any problem with my website, such as being unavailable or not working as expected, I could only contact the hosting company during UK working hours on Monday to Friday. Expecting any help on a Friday or weekends were totally out of the question and I would never get a reply or solution for any enquiry until at least the following Monday.
Fortunately the server was quite reliable with a good record for uptime and I didn’t need to contact the host on a regular basis. I had noticed though, that I was not receiving the quality of service that I expected, considering the price that I was paying.
There were several faults with the service that the company provided so I started looking around for an alternative.

Time for a change

As I was now managing several websites, I wanted a hosting provider that was able to provide a good quality but economic service for my needs. I chose a company based in the US that seemed to cater for my needs and as a bonus, got some free software thrown in with the deal. Migrating the websites was easy as I remember, although I did have a few problems with the original host being reluctant to lose the business.
After everything was moved and running smoothly, I got back to the business of selling jewellery via e-commerce. It was all going well until one day which happened to be a Friday, my main website suddenly stopped working and was offline for several days.

I had inadvertently been “fiddling” with a file on the server without really knowing what I was doing and broke the website by my own incompetence. As soon as I noticed the problem, I submitted a support request to my hosting provider asking for help.

Three days later I was informed that as the problem was caused by my own meddling, I would be charged almost 300 dollars for an engineer to investigate. Being desperate to get the site operating again, I agreed to the charge and the problem was rectified by the next day.

No more problems

Several months passed without any hint of a problem and all was well again. I stayed using the same company for several years after that but was not really using the site at its full potential. It was just a case of paying the bill every month until I came across a use for my now redundant website.

At some point the hosting provider had sold the company and the service was managed by a new operator. It was adequate for my needs as by then, I was only keeping the domain so I could still use the same email address.

I think it was around 2015 that I decided to use the site again for an idea I had selling a few products from Thailand. Some of the free software included in my package was a shopping cart and once I got the hang of it, I started selling products online once again.

Unfortunately, the same old problem with weekend service reared it’s ugly head once more. I could not get any response for a simple enquiry for several days and I eventually delayed payment of the monthly subscription as a show of dissatisfaction. Consequently I developed a less than agreeable relationship with my hosting provider and things were not going well to say the least.

An inspiration

In 2017 I was asked by a friend to update a website which had never been changed since it was built in 2012. Unfortunately, the original webmaster had since died and no information was easily available.

A bit of detective work revealed that the site was hosted by Greengeeks on a shared account. Without knowing the password, I could not access the website files in order to update the site. I contacted the company via the live chat facility at their website to explain the situation.

Further investigation revealed that the deceased webmaster had been hosting my friends site free of charge via his own account. I discovered that a new webmaster had taken over the affairs of the deceased and after confirmation from him we were able to migrate the old website to a new account at Greengeeks. Armed with new login details, I was able to carry out the update of my friend’s website.

Fast and efficient

I must say that I was impressed with the speed and efficiency of the process. The staff at Greengeeks could not have been more helpful.
Incidentally, as I was contacting the US from Thailand where I now live, there was a huge time difference which mattered not in the slightest while getting things moving. The ‘Live Chat’ feature was invaluable and a fast response was experienced with every enquiry.

The migration

During the work in progress mentioned above, I couldn’t help comparing the service and features provided between Greengeeks and my own hosting provider. I checked out what was on offer and soon decided to move all my websites to a new provider. There are several options that will suit any budget and because I wanted to host around a dozen sites I opted for a reseller account.

For less than 20 US Dollars/month Greengeeks will host an unlimited number of websites. I was previously paying 10 Dollars/month for each site at the old host so it didn’t take much persuasion for me to change companies.

If you only have a single website it can be hosted at Greengeeks for less than 4 US Dollars/month. That also includes a load of free software including WordPress, Joomla, E-commerce programs and much more.
Following that I have built several websites using the free software provided and even set up a new company to provide website services at youronlinebiz.co.uk

And finally

In conclusion, I will not go into technical details here regarding Greengeek’s services as you can find all the information you need via their website.
All I can say is that for the first time in my 20 odd years trading online, I have never been so happy with a hosting provider and expect to stay with them for many years to come.
I hope that you too make the same choice and find complete satisfaction.

Best regards,

Malcolm Scott


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I have been selling fashion accessories since way back in the mid 1970s and began trading as Ringmania in 1995 wth a small market stall in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, England.
Since then I have created and managed several websites which I hope to feature at this blog. I relocated to Thailand in 2004 and returned to the UK in June 2019. I am Currently Working as a Web Developer based in Sheffield.

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