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By Malcolm Scott

Warning photo. This blog contains quite a lot of sarcasm and the occasional 'rude' word

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Not much to report

Well there is not much to report this week. I have been busy adding stock to my Etsy shop and even selling some. I only got 8 orders but at least it’s a start and I got my first complaint today. A customer ordered some...

All as I Suspected

Hallefuckinlujah! I finally got the long awaited call from Business Sheffield this week regarding the grant that I applied for yonks ago As I suspected they told me that am not eligible for any financial help as the business is not old enough and there...

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All seems OK Now!

Earlier this week, I noticed a telephone engineer up a ladder outside my house and all seems ok with my internet connection now. I have had no confirmation from my provider TalkTalk but I presume that they have fixed the problem that I had before....

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Fun & Games

I’ve had lots of ‘Fun & Games’ to put up with this week. Apart from the bloody cold weather and having to scrape ice off my windscreen at least twice before I could go anywhere, I’ve been in contact with TalkTalk to complain about my...