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By Malcolm Scott

Warning photo. This blog contains quite a lot of sarcasm and the occasional 'rude' word

Screenshot of Cardiacs Mares Nest


As I have nothing to report this week, I thought that I would mention my all time favorite band, Cardiacs. I first came across them in 1986 at Reading Music Festival. I was just walking around the site and heard an amazing noise which I...

Image of Qatar jet arriving at Phuket Airport

Not much to report

Well there is not much to report this week. I have been busy adding stock to my Etsy shop and even selling some. I only got 8 orders but at least it’s a start and I got my first complaint today. A customer ordered some...

Image of Laptop on desk

All as I Suspected

Hallefuckinlujah! I finally got the long awaited call from Business Sheffield this week regarding the grant that I applied for yonks ago As I suspected they told me that am not eligible for any financial help as the business is not old enough and there...

Image of 6forafiver-logo-

All seems OK Now!

Earlier this week, I noticed a telephone engineer up a ladder outside my house and all seems ok with my internet connection now. I have had no confirmation from my provider TalkTalk but I presume that they have fixed the problem that I had before....